From the “brains” that brought you Psychostick

A comedy RPG, under development.

We've always wanted to make a game. Old school.

PluhQuest is a 2-D, 16/32 bit style role playing game. We grew up playing games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Suikoden, Phantasy Star IV, and so forth. We believe that there's beauty in simplicity. Not to mention tons of room for dumb jokes.

This screenshot is from a very old test of the game. It'll look much different once it's completed.

A very old screenshot of PluhQuest's development. Like, REALLY old.

Featuring all original music from Psychostick.

We - the founders of Psychostick (Josh "The J" Key and Rob "Rawrb" Kersey) - are composing completely original music for PluhQuest. Can we do things other than stupid metal? You'll just have to wait and see.

Actual waveform of BATTLE MUSIC!

Original story. All original art. Original everything.

Since before 2000 we've been writing comedic songs, stories, comics, and articles. Before Psychostick took off, Josh and Rawrb wanted to create video games (yes - that whole band thing put that little dream on hold). We're now ready to take this on and make that dream come true.

We're also teaming up with some serious artsy talent to bring some nutty visual candy to your eye-mouths. As we move forward, we'll post more media to showcase some of this craziness.

Some not-final concept stuff.

What a year.

Written by Rawrb on Saturday, Nov 24th 2017

I'm on tour at the moment. Game development is a thing that requires intense focus and zero distraction, and being on the road is nothing but a massive distraction.

Some changes recently have opened a few doors up for when we DO return, and our intent is to get as much of this game done throughout December and January before the next major distraction takes place. Heh.

As always, we greatly appreciate the patience and support. I can't wait to show you what we've been working on.

Main Story Outline Done!

Written by Rawrb on Saturday, Nov 26th 2016

The heading says it all, but I'll elaborate!

As I mentioned below, we finally nailed down what the general plot was, but what we didn't have was a completed outline from start to finish. Questions like, "What's the motivation?" and "Where do the characters go after here?" and "Why is there so much pudding on my monitor?" are finally answered.

We basically took whatever story we had, rewrote a bunch of it, and finished the start-to-finish outline for the game. Feels GOOOOOOOD. Next up is filling in all the details and building the main game. More as it develops.


Written by Rawrb on Wednesday, September 7th 2016

Development has really been picking up these past several months. Just to iterate:

  • Plot of game is finalized. YES! There's an actual plot. It's GOOOOOD. Before we really didn't have one. Now we do. This is important.
  • The detailed story is coming along. There's a TON of dialogue that is going into this game. It's coming along beautifully/stupidly.
  • The devs over at Albino Moose Games (best known for "Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion", formerly titled, "Spooky's House of Jump Scares") are working diligently on the game engine to help make the development process fast and efficient. So good.
  • Oh the music. The MUSIC. I mean, it's us weirdos from Psychostick. What can you expect? Heh heh.
  • And the ART. It's so good. There's a bunch of stuff that's being worked on and conceptualized, but... this I can show you:

Sprite samples!
Sample of Rawrb and two other characters. Sssh...

Walkin' Rawrb!
Rawrb walkin'! Or marking time. Same diff.

YUS! Obviously this is still in development but here's how things are looking. Playing this in test builds is really cool to see.

There's so much happening that I can't talk about, but rest assured we're making progress. I'll release more cool stuff as it develops.

Making Games is Weird.

Written by Rawrb on Thursday, March 31st 2016

Taking great care to write this BEFORE April Fool's Day. This game is not a joke, despite it being injected with comedy juice.

Josh and I are on tour, and I have to say that it's amazing to have our staffers working on this while we're sweating and sloshing on stage. Preproduction is moving along nicely, and over the next several months I hope to release more info on the game's progress. Maybe even some art/screenshots? We'll see.

Thanks for believin'. I'll assume you believe. Heh.

Staffers! OMG!

Written by Rawrb on Sunday, March 13th 2016

I'm taking a moment to let you all know that we have officially added two legitimate VIDJA GAME INDUSTRY PROGRAMMER NERDS to our roster!

Please welcome Sheena "Psychobilly2422" Perez and Travis "StealthyMoose" Rupp-Greene to our team! They've been working in the industry for quite a while, but something they're quite a bit known for is a game called "Spooky's House of Jump Scares." We're super excited to have 'em aboard.

This means that YES, PluhQuest is happening and there are people working on it who have actually released successful games.

No release date is scheduled yet. But we'll let you know as soon as you know. Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter to stay updated.

Story, Story, Story.

Written by Rawrb on Monday, January 25th 2016

We're running into some engine debacles. Yay. It's a tough call, because choosing the wrong engine could not only make development slower (which is the last thing we need), but it could also limit what platforms PluhQuest is released on. So we're working on that.

In better news, I wrote a ton more story today. Yes, there IS a story. It won't be completely filled with bad puns or horribly timed jokes. Heh. Seriously; when I booted up our seemingly "lost" version of PluhQuest a couple of years ago, I was laughing so hard I was discharging some sort of salty substance from my face.

You probably saw this on the main page too:

What you're seeing is a combination of old and new concepts. Michelle sketched up a couple of face-styles and made that Scott Pilgrim-ey version of Rawrb, which is (as I've mentioned) simply a concept. It's also animated. Not gonna show THAT to you though - I want that to be a surprise when PluhQuest is done. Heh.

And to wrap things up, the progress bars above are (as mentioned) estimates. Horrible estimates, even. Don't put too much emphasis on 'em. They make me feel good, really. I think. Wait, programming is at 0%? Now I don't feel so great...

PluhQuest Staff

Robert “Rawrb” Kersey – Project Manager, Writer, Assistant Composer, Level Designer, Jack-of-all-trades-guy

Joshua “Gawkman” Key – Assistant Project Manager, Writer, Lead Composer, Level Designer, Jack-of-all-trades-guy

Michelle “Sou Zou” – Artist, Animator

Travis “StealthyMoose” Rupp-Greene – Programmer, Code Magician

Sheena “Psychobilly2422” Perez – Programmer, Level Designer, Public Relations